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August 24, 2008



If, for some crazy reason, I was limited to just 10 cookbooks for the rest of my life, this would be in the list. For one, the basic information on how to grill is priceless. Secondly, the banter provides a sense of company. And finally, I've yet to find any recipe in the book that doesn't make you go "Wow, I didn't know that _______ could ever taste like THAT!"

The Chicken Tacos Al Carbon with the Guacamole Verde and Salsa Borracho may take more time to make than you've ever spent on a simple taco, but oh baby, its worth every minute! The guacamole incorporates tomatillos which adds an extra flavor to the guac as well as providing a bright green color. The Salsa Borracho with the roasted dried chilies, roasted fresh tomatoes and hit of tequila has a depth of flavor that you'll always remember.

Do take the time to make your own Tostaditas and you'll appreciate it.

And, I faintly remember having the Brandy Milk Punch with friends one morning at a cabin at Lake Tahoe, enjoying the views and conversation, then suddenly realizing time had flown and it was mid afternoon. So, do try them, but you've been warned!

Mrs. L

Louise - I'm so glad you have this cookbook too! I'll have to try the things you've listed, thanks!

Lisa Thomas

Hi, we used to make the beer braised ribs with molasses mop recipe all the time, got it out of a Bon Appetit YEARS ago. I have all my old Bon Appetits, but can't locate the recipe. Could you pls take a second to share the ingredients of the mop with me? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks if you can help!

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