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July 01, 2008



OH, that looks soooo good! A husband that pits cherries??? Wow! I'm really impressed. Seriously!


Oh my, that looks good!!!


holy smokes, that sauce sounds utterly amazing. i'll take a bowl of it, with a pinch of steak on the side. :)

NotSoccer Mom

i'd make this in a heartbeat if i could only find the cherry-pitting husband...


Simply mouthwatering!!! There's gotta be some award for showing such self-restraint to photograph with marvel before digging in.


Wow, does that steak look gorgeous or what? I'm keeping this recipe, as a big fan of cherries. Thanks for sharing!

noble pig

Now this is a meal for me. It's so very beautiful!


That steak with cherry sauce sounds really tasty!


I hate that the seasons in the South Pole are opposed to the seasons in the North Pole (you're in Summer... us, in Winter) cause I can't get the ingredients!! I guess I'll have to wait some months to get the cherries.

*Thanks for your comment in my blog


Oh wow! It's only 8:45 a.m. here but I want steak!

Donna Parsley

Judging from the ingredients used, the Pinot Noir and cherries made this a delectable dish. The sweet and distinct flavor of the Pinot Noir gives the meat a hint of chocolate. But that is if you’re using a Pinot Noir 2008 Willamette. Add in the sweetness and slight bitter taste of the cherries, and you come up with this delectable dish.

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