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July 31, 2008



This sounds like a recipe I can handle. And I do love a good dose of nutella. :)


After all these years of collecting cookbooks, you created your own recipe. Congrats!!!


Mrs. L this was soooo good. Thank you for giving me a taste. It is a good thing I was not around or I would have eaten more on the QT without you seeing me. But, alas, I would have probably ended up in the hospital (being a diabetic) so you would have found out anyhow. Oh well, that one was out of this world. Congrats on your "mistake".

noble pig

This sounds like a mistake I'd welcome. You saved the day, Nutella always does...

NotSoccer Mom

good lord, that looks easy enough even for ME to make! sounds super yummy too.


Mrs. L, thanks for the sample. i was barely out of your driveway before i ripped open the plastic wrap and gobbled it down. delish!

oh, and there is no such thing at too much nutella. just sayin'.


You are so cute! Loved the post! I think you should call these "Fuzzy Raspberry Puffs"!


too much nutella? i laugh. :)
nutella is way better than raspberries (even in their unmoldy state) anyway.


These look great. Nutella is a good substitute.


Mr. L to the rescue!

Mrs. D

Cpl D would laugh at me too, but I'm glad you were able to rescue the day with the Nutella :)


LOL - My Nutella screams at me to eat it too! I'm definitely making these!


You are a genius in our house too! We loveee Nutella never thought of using Nutella & puff pastry! so yummy! GENIUS!

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