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June 21, 2008



LOL I think the boys in my family would love the challenge of popping a whole one in their mouth too! It looks really yummy Mrs. L.


Beautiful egg salad sandwiches! The presentation (and the idea behind it) is so cool!

noble pig

I've never seen that from pampered chef, so cute!


LOLOL, Keith WOULD try and put a whole thing in his mouth, when I read that I died! Too bad we don't live closer sounds like he and Mr. L would have fun eating all the goodies you make! And I love that you have made this 3 times...hehe, I think I will try this one soon, sounds yummy!


i'll be honest--i don't particularly care for egg salad. more honesty--your simple crimping action has made egg salad much more desirable to me. :)


um... who uses a recipe for egg salad?


Egg salad was good Mrs. L. Just a little too much dill for me. I just wish I had my crimper. Thanks.


I love egg salad and these look delicious!

Mrs. L

Jan, Shannon - You should see Mr. L when it comes to cookies. Sigh. They never grow up do they?

Miri - I now will probably use my little gadget for other things, stay tuned!

Noble Pig - I'm headed to a Pampered Chef party so I'll see if they bring one. If not I'm going to convince everyone they need one!

Grace - I'm thinking tuna salad or chicken salad would work too.

Barbie - It may be simple to you but there are so many different things you can put in egg salad, and I honestly like mine "wetter" than most.

Mom - And I didn't even put as much dill as the recipe asked for!

Lisa - Yummy, try it!

Mike at Mel's Dner

I would say those are the best looking egg salad sandwiches I have ever seen. I am so going to make these - maybe this week. Thanks for participating in the WCC and welcome!

The Apron Queen

This looks very good & simple too. Love the cut & seal gadget- must go find one! :D

Stop by for a few bites of My Big Fat Greek Salad: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com/2008/03/my-big-fat-greek-salad_21.html


Yum, egg salad! I just mentioned to my daughter earlier today that we should boil some eggs. I've got one of those sealers; I'd forgotten about it until I saw your picture! I suspect both my son and husband will try to shovel the whole thing in in one bite! I consider myself warned! I'll be munching on this tomorrow!

Mary Ellen

I wouldn't chop it up any smaller than quarters. It is so great that way. Just serve it on lettuce or on regular bread. A fabulous egg salad

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Now that's something I will give a go any day. Looks amazing!


I was introduced to the Silver Palate Cookbook by a very small lunch spot just off Michigan Avenue
in Chicago via this wonderful egg salad! That was nearly 30 years ago! I suddenly had a craving for some and discovered that I could not find the correct Silver Palate Cookbook! I have 2 others, but not the one this recipe is in!
Now to get the ingredients so that I can make some!

Oh, I must add this bit of celebrity gossip to this note! The little deli was on the lower level of a highrise apartment building and some of the apartments were used by various actors and actresses while performing at nearby theaters. Well! I was really surprised one day while have lunch in my favorite spot --- Shelley Winters was sitting at a table in the cramped little area at noon and I did so feel very sorry for her assistant! Let's just say she was three sheets to the wind!


As I was making this today, yet again, I thought you should know how much I've enjoyed this recipe, and wanted to thank you! I discovered it on your blog a couple years ago when looking for recipes made with dill, and I've loved it ever since. It has become my very favorite egg salad recipe!

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