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June 21, 2008



Ah yes, good old Pampered Chef. You forgot to mention that your mom always went to your home parties and always bought things she never used to help you out! I still have my veggie peeler (it really is good). Also, my snap ties for potato chip bags and bread bags. Plus, somewhere in my storage unit I know I have a bunch of other PC stuff. LOL


LOL what a loving supportive Mom you have! I love their stuff too but up here it is expensive! I haven't heard of a PC party around here in a long time.


I love PC! Keith's Aunt got me into it that ONE trip we made a few years back when we also got to see you and Mr. L and "Mom", Remember? Anyways, I just love their gadgets! This one looks fun and cute!


Hey. i have this piece too. in fact i got it at one of YOUR PC parties! hahahah. the funniest thing is, i have never used it. not once.


pampered chef rocks my world and that's all there is to it.

NotSoccer Mom

hey, you must have crossed over for a bit since i met you THRU hockey AND attended one of your PC parties! their stuff is expensive but i still have and use the pieces that i bought from you (love their oven mitt that goes up to the elbow). seems like we could have a party one of these days and have enough attendees!


yes, yes, yes!!!!! lets have a PC party! i will volunteer my house!

Mrs. L

Okay, Okay, I'll have a Pampered Chef party!


The three level utensil holder from PC is one of the best things I own, since I was able to clear out two drawers of stuff. And I still have the veggie peeler and pizza stone.


I am looking for one of the smaller cut-n-seals that they don't make anymore. If you really do have more in your garage and want to sell one of the old small ones, I WILL BUY! That goes for any of you out there that posted. I have one of the newer ones and love it, but really want a small one to use for my young children's lunch boxes and can't find one anywhere. Please contact me at susan@windley.org if anyone can help me out. The new one is 3.5" in diameter if you're not sure which one you have. Thanks soooo much.

P.S. I've been "lurking" on your site, but never posted before. Love it!


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