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June 14, 2008


noble pig

How yummy this looks...perfect for Father's Day tomorrow.

Mrs. L

Noble-Did I mention easy? I'm thinking of doing a brunch with these in Ramekins, with maybe some diced tomatoes on top or a little paprika to brighten the look up.


what a fun idea! fancy-shmancy, yet totally doable AND delicious--i believe you've got a winner here! :)


That looks really good.


Looks almost too pretty to eat! I love that it is easily adaptable regarding veggies inside. Can't wait to try it.


That looks rather tasty! I might have to make this next weekend.


I love YumSugar too.
My dad loves baked eggs in ham.


i was planning on using these for the ornament brunch in december. maybe with a little hollandaise sauce drizzled over them. YUM!

Mrs. L

Barbie-What a great idea to add some hollandaise!


Wow... what a great idea! These look so cute and easy... perfect for Easter brunch I think! Got to remember them for next year...

NotSoccer Mom

oh my GOD i have to make these for the kid!


Even though I'm a morning person, sometimes a recipe that can be made while sort of half asleep is just the thing! This looks yummy!

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