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May 25, 2008



I like the picture.

This sounds good. I like the shaved Parm on top.

We usually just steam the asparagus, then chill it down in ice water. I love a little acid with it, though.


i prefer roasted asparagus over any other preparation (disclaimer: i've never had it dipped in mayo...), and i think you're onto something with the parmesan cheese. 'twould be well-worth the urine stench. :)


Your roasted asparagus looks wonderful, and the Parmesan shavings simply complete it!


Parmesan and asparagus? Never heard of it til now but it sounds pretty good... actually, anything with asparagus sounds good! Ha. Thanks for sahring and for the comment on my blog :)

noble pig

Oh man I am a mayo-asparagus person too! But roasted is so much better for us.


I have roasted the asparagus before but never added the shaved parm - thanks for the tip!


I have roasted the asparagus before but never added the shaved parm - thanks for the tip!


Mmmm...looks good. I have been "into" grilling my asparagus on the bbq lately. Also very yummy!


Oh yes it's always sooo good roasted. I never like it as a young kid but rescently I tried it and it was wonderful. So now I get it and roast it all the time. I also add pinenuts when roasting sometime just something different. Love your page.


This is how I've been doing asparagus for the past few years, suggested by a retired caterer friend. Olive oil, bit of sea salt, lots of black pepper. And it's OK if it's a bit overcooked.


oh, yum!!!


I am passing this recipe onto my guy to try. Oh how I love a good grilled asparagus. Yum!!!

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