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March 06, 2008


a. grace

for some reason, i also always thought polenta took a lot of effort to make. i can be a bit of a lazy bum, so that turned me off. i guess i was wrong, and now i have no excuse not to make my own. thanks for enlightening me and supplying a good recipe! :)


Looks like yellow grits to me or yellow cream of wheat. I am not sure if I have ever had "polenta".

Noble Pig

I love and adore and would marry polenta...over and over and over. And with braised beef short ribs, well there is no other love for me.


I love polenta...in a pie pan, cut like a pizza and then fried up. Great with chicken breast covered in diced tomatoes and feta cheese. Yum! That's a recipe for you to try. :-)

Mrs. L

a. grace - this really is an easy recipe. I continue to think about it regularly.

Mom - It does look a bit like grits but it's much creamier.

Noble Pig - Glad you think like I do.

Lara - Send me the recipe!

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