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February 23, 2008



I'll take some of that Banana Bread if you are making any. That is my favorite. I prefer to sit at home and watch the Oscars. Carry over from you were young and we watched it together and maybe also the fact it was a work day the next day!

a. grace

ah, fast times at ridgemont high. my first introduction to eric stoltz. and nicolas cage, for that matter. what a great flick, and i've gotta tell ya, your pizza idea is a stroke of genius! :)


That's a great idea - the pizza. How about milkshakes for There Will Be Blood? ;-)


Love the pizza idea. Creativity trumps all! We're getting together with another family for a snack dinner while watching the show and making snooty comments. My plan is for 1) homemade carmel popcorn (movie theater experience), 2) Sunny D (Juno, great movie), 3) Some type of southwestern dips and chips (No Country for Old Men), and 4) mini-scones (Atonement). I know they don't go together tastewise, but I know they will fit the bill as we all graze our dinner tonight.

Mrs. L

a. grace - yeah, Fast Times though when I was young was all about Phoebe Cates for the boys.

Lara - I almost put up a milkshake recipe, they are all over the net right now becaue of that movie.

Louise - I love your mixed menu for the Oscars!


Yes, I do have fond memories of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And the correlation with the pizza story is a fabulous idea. At that time, I wanted to be like Phoebe Cates. I thought she was the girl to be.

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