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February 22, 2008



One, I agree pork rules. I like anything pork.
Second, I know your birthday is soon. This year as I have in other years I have to give up Mother's Day since you will be at that certain age that is VERY, VERY, important. I really don't want to admit I have a daughter your age! But this is the last time I will give up Mother's Day. Yes, folks, she was born on Mother's Day!



Pig rocks!



Pig rocks!


Dare I even admit my love for pork? Last night we had a lovely pork roast marinated in chipotle and various other goodies for dinner. Sides? With a main like that who could ever remember the sides? And .... hold your stomachs here, I even keep, um, pork casings (which I have to really travel to purchase) at home for making homemade sausage. Gotta love that piggy!

a. grace

i've seen that girl at the gym. i fling my sweat on her. :)


LOL...I love it! I would so wear that at the gym!

Mrs. L

Pretty much everyone above...yep, Pork Rules! One of these days I'll have everyone over for pork!

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