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May 28, 2007


Mr. L

Margaritas mucho bueno!


Yahoo! Well it's about time :)


Dang...you're making me hungry and thirsty! Well, once Max is eating regular food, I'll have to try that margarita recipe!


well, darn it...now I have to keep my blog? hhhmmmph!


I want this now, but alas, no tequila or any of the other ingredients. Guess I'll have to have a beer!


So how come I had to find this blog through Lisa's post on Shelly's blog???? Not fair girlie! Glad to see you up and running.


Ok, I want some!! Had to link this to my eldest dd...made her a deal, she makes the drinks and I will make the enchiladas next time she is home. (That way, Rene, I will get both the drinks and the enchiladas in one night. LOL)

So very glad you are back blogging!!

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